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bad 1 adjectiveFood
bad 2 noun
bad 3 adverb
worse 1 adjective
worse 2 noun
worse 3 adverb
worst 1 adjective
worst 2 noun
worst 3 adverb
bad guy noun
bad-ass adjective
bad-mouth verb
bad-tempered adjective
badly off adjective
ill 1 adjective
ill 2 adverb
ill 3 noun
ill will noun
ill- prefix
ill-advised adjective
ill-assorted adjective
ill-bred adjective
ill-conceived adjective
ill-considered adjective
ill-defined adjective
ill-disposed adjective
ill-equipped adjective
ill-fated adjective
ill-fitting adjective
ill-founded adjective
ill-gotten gains adjective
ill-informed adjective
ill-judged adjective
ill-mannered adjective
ill-prepared adjective
ill-served adjective
ill-starred adjective
ill-suited adjective
ill-tempered adjective
ill-timed adjective
ill-treat verb
least worst adjective
worse off adjective

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