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out 2 preposition
out 3 verb
out 4 nounSport
all-out adjective
bail 2 verb
balloon 2 verb
belly 2 verb
blank 3 verb
blissed out adjective
blow-out noun
call-out noun
clapped-out adjective
clear-out noun
cop-out noun
down-and-out 1 adjective
drawn-out adjective
far-out adjective
fathom 2 verb
gross 3 verb
jut verb
lights-out noun
long-drawn-out adjective
opt-out noun
out of doors adverb
out- prefix
out-and-out adjective
out-of-date adjective
out-of-state adjective
out-of-the-way adjective
out-of-town adjective
packed out adjective
played-out adjective
put out adjective
roll-out noun
sell-out noun
share-out noun
shoot-out noun
sold out adjectivePerforming
sort-out noun
space 2 verb
spaced out adjective
splay verb
sprawl 1 verb
suss verb
thought-out adjective
try-out noun
washed-out adjective
way-out adjective
well-thought-out adjective
well-turned-out adjective
wiped out adjective
worn out adjective

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