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to 1
to 2 preposition
to 3 adverb
according to preposition
air-to-air adjectiveWeapons
back-to-back 1 adjective
day-to-day adjective
direct-to-consumer adjective
door-to-door adjective
down-to-earth adjective
due to preposition
face-to-face adjective
free-to-air adjective
hand-to-hand adjective
hand-to-mouth adjective
have 3 verb
head-to-head adverb
honest-to-goodness adjective
house-to-house adjective
how-to noun
man-to-man adjective
need-to-know adjective
next to preposition
one-to-one adjective
onto preposition
ought to modal verb
owing to preposition
peer-to-peer adjective
person-to-person adjective
rags-to-riches adjective
relating to preposition
right-to-die adjective
set-to noun
talking-to noun
to and fro 1 adverb
to and fro 2 noun
-to-be suffix
to-die-for adjective
to-do noun
up-to-date adjective
up-to-the-minute adjective
used to modal verb
wall-to-wall adjectiveHouse
well-to-do adjective

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